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BG1-48 | リチウムイオン鉛ニッケル水素用の48Vバッテリ残量ゲージ


  • Item Number:BG1-48

Designed for 3.6V~48V Li-ion/polymer, or NiMH, or Lead-Acid battery packs.
5 segments LED indicator, 10% capacity resolution.
Build-in MCU chip, accurate measure battery capacity.
Very slim size: 42x22x5 mm, Fixed easily: self-sticky bottom sheet.
Reverse polarity protection.
HBG1-LX (X=1~13) for 1~13series Li-ion/polymer battery-pack
HBG1-NXX (XX=3~40) for 3.6V~48V NIMH battery-pack
HBG1-AXX (XX=6~48) for 6V~48V lead-acid battery.

HBG1's algorithms is the simple technology in all three ways. It is mornitoring the battery terminal voltage and comparing measured value with build-in fixed voltage-capacity table then give a result of relative remain capacity status. For different chemical battery type, the voltage-capacity curve is different. Further, even for a same battery pack, this curve will be different at higher or lower discharging current. So it is easy to understand why this method only get a gross or rough result. Generally, BG1 has 10%~20% relative remain capacity tolerance.